Family skate cancelled

Posted by Amanda Pike on Dec 19 2022 at 11:47AM PST

Due to some unforseen circumstances with insurance, we will be unable to have a family skate tonight.

There is some bad weather coming later today so please let us know if you will be unable to make it tonight.

We are going to try and make this as fun for the kids as possible!!


2022-12-19T15:24:49.000-08:00December 19 2022, at 03:24 PM PST, SANDI CAMPBELL said:

Is there not a waiver we can sign or something? The skating club had everyone put their name down and everyone who wasn’t registered with the club had to wear a helmet for their Christmas party skate.

2022-12-19T18:55:40.000-08:00December 19 2022, at 06:55 PM PST, Amanda Pike said:

Apparthings changed this year apparently. I reached out to the league president as the arena told me it had to go under our insurance which needs time to make a request and get prior approval